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With more than 40 years of experience in the financial aid field, Pat Edelson has an extensive knowledge of Title IV of the Higher Education Act, governing federal student financial aid.

More about Pat Edelson

Pat was at the U.S. Department of Education for 21 years and while there conducted program reviews of public, private, proprietary and foreign educational institutions. Her responsibilities included leading several Model Case Enforcement reviews, which involved collecting evidence of fraud to determine worthiness for Title IV participation and writing program review reports. Pat was frequently called upon by the Inspector General’s Office and other department entities for assistance with technical and program-related issues. During a six-month period in 1999, she served on the Education Department’s Customer Service Task Force, which established Federal Student Aid as the first performance-based organization in government and led to greater collaboration between the department and postsecondary schools.

Before moving to the public sector, Pat was Financial Aid Director and School Manager for a large publicly-traded school chain. She was responsible for the daily administration of the school, including student recruitment, financial aid, education, and customer service. She increased enrollment and revenue through effective training of admissions personnel and more efficient processing of student aid.

At Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, Pat will assist in conducting regulatory due diligence on schools being considered for purchase and those obtaining regulatory approvals for proposed transactions. She will also conduct mock program reviews that will mirror program reviews conducted by the Department of Education. The review will include examining institutional policies and procedures and sampling information typically reviewed by the Department. Pat will also work with schools that are preparing for program reviews and Inspector General audits and investigations. In addition, she will interface with federal and state regulators to resolve disputes related to program compliance.